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4 May 2016

Blooming Tulips

I planted tulips in the allotment for the first time back in November. And I am so glad I did.

It is a bit of a dead spot between November and February when the frost comes but it has been fantastic to have something to look forward to appearing. 
The purple ones bloomed first, then the yellow and red and finally some cute three-pronged orange beauties. When a bunch of tulips in Zurich costs around 15 francs, it has also been a big money saver.

I plan on letting them rot down a bit, then I will dig them up, hang them out to dry in old tights (handy tip from mother-in-law) then replant them in winter.

I gave my twins a few sacrificial flowers to play with each time I brought a bunch home. In the battle between tulip and toddler, toddler won each time...

Unknown / Author & Editor

A blog about running an allotment as a novice gardener in Zurich, Switzerland (with the help of my twin toddlers).


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