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27 Apr 2015

Woodchip Paths & Planting Flowers

We decided to put down woodchip paths this year to make the expanse of the plot less daunting and to keep the weeds at bay. Hopefully they won't blow away in the wind. I'm also going to try and sow some flowers to cut - started off with Calendula and Echinacea.

19 Apr 2015

Rotivating and Häckselsammlung

3 pairs of hands definitely make things easier to manage so with my mum visiting we managed to rotivate the huge expanse of earth ready to plant. It was also the day to get rid of any sticks and other debris to chuck (Häckselsammlung) so we took a lot of stuff to dump that has been lying around. The plot is starting to take shape and no longer looks like the sore thumb amongst all these immaculately kept gardens! 

14 Apr 2015

Spring Has Finally Sprung

Started digging over the allotment this weekend. We are a bit late but the weather has just turned good and it's not so easy organising yourself with two small babies! The garlic is coming along well and looks healthy. I haven't put any compost in the soil yet and I'm not sure if we ruined the compost heap by dumping huge big twigs in it then ignoring it for over 6 months... I only have about a window of an hour before the twins wake up needing attention so we are doing small sections as we go along. Sorting out the compost heap is the next job. 

Cant wait to get planting some flowers this year and improving on what we grew last year. Cucumbers, fennel and chillis will definitely be planted again.


Motivated by the reward at the end!

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