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30 Sep 2016

Allotment Update: September 2016

Fiona Rhodes
The pumpkin patch has taken over! It's my first time growing these so hadn't realised how much space they take up. Celery and beetroot are being swamped under these beasts. Slight panic about how big they are going to get, yet very proud!! 

I've got a couple of naked gardeners on my hands... comment!

One of six of these on the same plant. Think it is a muscat pumpkin that stays green

I have loved being able to pick multiple bunches of flowers each time we visit the garden.

These Tromba d'Albegna are prolific and grow HUGE.

Loads of carrots, wish I had planted more!

This is the best time of the year for me! Not too hot, so green and loads to keep the children interested.

Stolen apples!

Cucamelons! Millions of them.
Happy gardener.

Fiona Rhodes / Author & Editor

A blog about running an allotment as a novice gardener in Zurich, Switzerland (with the help of my twin toddlers).


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