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27 Aug 2014

Ulrike's Cauliflower

Fiona Rhodes
Despite not giving the allotment as much love as it deserves recently (I am currently 8 months pregnant with twins), we have managed to salvage a surprising amount of fruit and vegetables from amongst the weeds.

A few gifts from kind neighbours have also led to some delicious plates of food.

80-something year old Ulrike came to introduce herself to me, saw the state of our garden and gave me a beautiful cauliflower which I turned into a kind of kedgeree. She has had her allotment for over 30 years.

Most of the greenery is weeds. Weep. 

Recipe: Steam cauliflower. Meanwhile, fry an onion and clove of garlic, fresh ginger, add some streaky bacon to to the pan. Add cumin, coriander, turmeric, curry powder and fry for a while longer. Once the onions are soft chuck in a tin of chickpeas, the steamed cauliflower, fresh parsley and stick a boiled egg on top!

Fiona Rhodes / Author & Editor

A blog about running an allotment as a novice gardener in Zurich, Switzerland (with the help of my twin toddlers).


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