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28 Jul 2014

Coolbrandz - Switzerland

Coolbrandz is a company that arranges word of mouth campaigns for brands entering the Swiss market. I have been product testing for them for a while now and really have to applaud how they work. They run campaigns in English, German, French and Italian, essentially reaching a huge target market for the brands that choose to work with them. In exchange for receiving the products to test, coolbranders are expected to share their experience via social media, blog posts and word of mouth.

If you are based in Switzerland and would like to become a product tester or a brand that would like to use the services of coolbrandz, check out their website for how to sign up.

So far I have had the pleasure of testing face masks for Montagne Jeunesse, cider for Somersby (72 bottles!!) and cereal for Nestle Fitness (12 boxes).


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